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When you move into an elegant neighbourhood, you tend to avoid too much publicity. The place you will be moving into is unique precisely because it is inhabited by extraordinary people who create an unusual atmosphere – and everybody should respect that.

When designing the Life Hub, we have focused on good neighbourly relations, which is why the building has no flashy elements, colours, new-fangled decorations or exuberant details.

It is a modern urban building designed with taste and functionality in mind

If you’d like to compare it to anything, you could draw some parallels to an efficient loft with perfect-quality finish, with elements of regular rhythms and divisions on the facade and a number of solutions allowing for maximum integration of the Life Hub into its natural surroundings.

We offer entrances to the apartments from a gallery overgrown with vines, forming a so-called vertical garden. This layout is clearly inspired by designs known from New York City districts, which – following the revitalisation of their 19th-century residential quarters – decided to go with green modernity.

Life HUB is an open place

It gives its residents a lot of common green areas. We hope that this urban meadow will serve as an open invitation for local blackbirds, starlings and nightingales, which are abundant in this area. In addition to the meadow, they will also be able to use nesting boxes built on trees and façades. We also decided to plant hazel bushes around the area, so that squirrels can one day become our neighbours.

These seemingly idyllic ideas also have a more practical and down-to-earth dimension – we want to prevent the creation of hot islands in the city, increase natural water retention and prevent (as far as possible) wasting rainwater. It’s not about marketing anymore – it’s a necessity.

Life Hub amenities:

Storage units



Parking spaces
in the underground garage


green area

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