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Everyone who has walked around the area of Krakow’s Axentowicza Square at least once will immediately feel this special atmosphere and ambience, as the area is a perfect example of Krakow’s genius loci – a lively district with its own character, inhabited by families who lived there for generations, filled with hustle and bustle of everyday life, yet located very close to the heart of the city and well-connected with the city centre, airport, railway and bus stations, as well as main exit routes.

At the same time, by choosing this place, you will live in a close vicinity of a radio station, four universities, a host of excellent primary and secondary schools, recreational areas and wonderful markets offering fresh vegetables and fruit straight from the field. Can you imagine what would it feel like to make such walks a part of your everyday life?

From Kujawska Street, where Life Hub is located, you are just a few steps away from the green Grottgera Avenue, which is now being transformed into the Młynówka Królewska Park. It won’t take you longer to get to the Market Square and the nearby Krakowski Park – and you can measure these distances in steps, trees and flower beds, instead of kilometres and bus or tram stops.

It is a place where history is still alive – and it matters. It is a dignified district of villas and gardens happily “lost” in the very centre of the modern metropolis, discovered by well-known actors, scientists and employees of the diplomatic corps, for whom it is the best Krakow has to offer. Come and find your personal secret garden here.

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History of the district

Axentowicza Square and its immediate surroundings – just these few words is enough to make the hearts of true lovers of Krakow and its atmosphere skip a beat. The very location of the project is the best recommendation. Kujawska Street was one of the first streets delineated in this area in the days leading up to World War I and in the interwar period. Back in the day, it was where famous Krakow architects and art historians – Jan Raszka and Bohdan Treter – built their homes, beautiful garden residences, which embodied dignity and were admired by many.

The idyllic image changed a bit after World War II, when the modernisation of Trzech Wieszczów Avenue shifted the focus of life of the city centre to this place. The function of the district has changed, but its unique character remained untouched – all the villas and townhouses built alongside Kujawska, Grottgera or Wyspiańskiego Streets retained their unique charm.

This shift has brought about an unprecedented combination of a suburban residential district, which suddenly became a part of the very heart of a metropolis, with all the conveniences of living in the city centre – including the proximity of schools, universities, shops, offices and service outlets, and like in life, its centre is marked by the subsequent key stages. You are now facing one of the most important ones – the one in which you become a neighbour of the real Krakow in LIFE HUB on Kujawska Street.

The nearby Krakowski Park, which has been welcoming the residents with its charming alleys for more than a hundred years, is undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions of the area. It was founded in 1885 by city councillor Stanisław Rehman, as a theme park like the Viennese Prater. It attracted walkers and athletes from Krakow with its swimming pool, boating pond, cycling track, tennis courts, a small zoo, a café, a restaurant and a summer theatre. For many years the park played an important role in the development of the city’s sports life.

This is where Jadwiga Jędrzejowska, the future Wimbledon champion (1937), took her first steps in tennis. Her father was tasked with taking care of Krakowski Park. Little Jadwiga, who was hired to collect balls in the park, discovered her talent there. Playing with a racquet that her father made for her out of wood, she quickly became a serious competition for the players of the Krakow Academic Sports Association.

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